Have you ever wanted to grow tasty tomatoes? crispy cucumbers? Well we have the perfect place for you to do this,
join us at the Community Garden. We have 2 different size plots, 4x6 or 8x10 and they are free for you to use
with your membership. No experience necessary! Master Gardener and Club Member Mim Harris is happy
to answer any of your questions and help you get started. We meet in the Garden on Wed and Sun to water, weed, 
harvest and most importantly enjoy the garden! You are welcome to go to the garden anytime but twice a week I am there
to answer any questions and help you with your plot.
If you are interested in joining the garden, getting a tour or simply finding out more about it just contact me, Mim Harris at

Hope to see you in the Garden!


  • FREE for members ( check out the membership section
  • $30/year for a 4' x 6' 
  • $60/year for a 8' x 10' 


Mim Harris
404 273 1903